20 June 2004 ATMOSPHERE Setlist DJ Medusa & DJ Strange
Guest DJ Sarcastro (Jake from Alcian Blue)

The Durutti Column: Katharine
The Durutti Column: For Belgian Friends
A Certain Ratio: All Night Party (Original 7")
The Jam: Set The House Ablaze
The Stockholm Monsters: Miss Moonlight
British Sea Power: A Lovely Day Tomorrow
The Devlins: Consent
Abecedarians: Smiling Monarchs
HIM: Join Me In Death
Iggy Pop: Endless Sea
Starsailor: White Dove
The Dylans: Sad Rush On A Sunday
Lloyd Cole: Like Lovers Do
Monster Movie: Waiting
The Ropers: Chained
South Pacific: Untitled
Kraftwerk: Computer Love
Modern English: After The Snow
Breathless: You Can Call It Yours
U2: The Unforgettable Fire
The Cure: Secrets
The Chameleons: Time
Ceremony: The Upstairs Room
Resplandor: Amber
Alison's Halo: Wishes
Ride: Vapour Trail
The Sundays: Goodbye
Heaven Piano Company: Chameleons
Springhouse: Asphalt Angels
The Church: Ripple
Keane: Everybody's Changing
Keane: Somewhere Only We Know
Morrissey: I'm Not Sorry
The Smiths: Paint A Vulgar Picture
James: Government Walls
Ian McCulloch: Proud To Fall
Echo & The Bunnymen: Over You
Longwave: Everywhere You Turn
Franz Ferdinand: Shopping For Blood
Franz Ferdinand: Take Me Out
The Clash: The Magnificent Seven
Buzzcocks: Ever Fallen In Love
Cast: Sandstorm
Suede: New Generation
The Charlatans: Believe You Me
Section 25: Looking From A Hilltop (Edit)
The Chameleons: Swamp Thing
The Pogues: Sarah MacLennane
The Bolshoi: Lindy's Party
The Lightning Seeds: Blowing Bubbles
Belle & Sebastian: The State I Am In
New Order featuring Moby: New Dawn Fades
Signal And Report: Molting
Jazz: The Tether Ends Here
Franz Ferdinand: Darts Of Pleasure
Levellers: This Garden
Aeffect: Always Artificial
Ladytron: Blue Jeans (Version 2)
Skywave: Over And Over
Soviet: Soviet Bot
New Order: 60 Miles An Hour
The Jesus & Mary Chain: Coast To Coast
The Cocteau Twins: Kookaburra
Ceremony: Take My Heart
The Cure: The Baby Screams
Lush: Downer
Swallow: Sugar Your Mind
Drone Dimension: You Turn Me
The Stone Roses: Elephant Stone
Catherine Wheel: Show Me Mary
Suede: Moving
The House Of Love: I Don't Know Why I Love You
St. Etienne: Amateur
Elefant: Tonight Let's Dance
The Postal Service: Such Great Heights
Geneva: Into The Blue
Lloyd Cole & The Commotions: Perfect Skin
James: Say Something

Visuals shown during set: Clive A. Smith's "Rock & Rule" (1983); BMG Alternative
Compilation Video (March 1992); Alex Cox's "Sid & Nancy" (1986);
John Fortenberry & Amy Heckerling's "A Night At The Roxbury" (1998)

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