15 June 2002 AVALANCHE Setlist DJ Medusa & DJ Strange

Monaco: Shattered
Monaco: Sweet Lips (Fire Island Vocal)
Monaco: Tender
Monaco: Under The Stars
Monaco: Sedona
Revenge: Bleach Boy
New Order: Vicious Circle
New Order: Avalanche
Electronic: Lucky Bag
Electronic: Free Will (Extended Mix)
The Other Two: Loved It (The Other Track)
Joy Division: Decades
Joy Division: Leaders Of Men
Warsaw: Leaders Of Men
Joy Division: Digital
Joy Division: Day Of The Lords
Joy Division: Eternal
New Order: Doubts Even Here
New Order: Elegia
New Order: Your Silent Face
Joy Division: Atmosphere
New Order: ICB
Nine Inch Nails: Dead Souls
New Order: Guilty Partner
Revenge: 7 Reasons
Electronic: Some Distant Memory
The Other Two: Movin' On
Revenge: State Of Shock
New Order: Brutal
New Order: Sabotage
Electronic: Get The Message
New Order: Player In The League
New Order: This Time Of Night
New Order: Leave Me Alone
New Order: Paradise
Monaco: Barfly
Electronic: Tighten Up
New Order: Special
New Order: Vicious Streak
New Order: Ruined In A Day (Radio Edit)
Monaco: Kashmere
Monaco: Buzz Gum
Warsaw: Draw Back
Joy Division: Atrocity Exhibition
Electronic: Vivid
New Order: Angel Dust
New Order with Moby: New Dawn Fades
New Order: Close Range
Electronic: Disappointed
New Order: Round & Round (7")
Banderas: This Is Your Life
New Order: World (The Price Of Love) (Perfecto Mix)
The Other Two: Innocence
New Order: Run
Monaco: What Do You Want From Me?
New Order: Bizarre Love Triangle
New Order: The Perfect Kiss
Happy Mondays: 24 Hour Party People
New Order: Regret
New Order: Spooky (Stadium Mix)
New Order: MegaRemix Part I
New Order: Blue Monday (Hardfloor)
Monaco: Junk
New Order: Temptation (Live Reading '98)
New Order: Here To Stay (Full Length Vocal)
Monaco: See-Saw
New Order: 60 Miles An Hour
Revenge: Cloud Nine
Orgy: Blue Monday
Spiral Of Silence: Dead Souls
New Order: Young Offender
New Order: 1963
Joy Division: She's Lost Control
Joy Division: A Means To An End
New Order: Vanishing Point
Joy Division: Love Will Tear Us Apart

Visuals shown during set: New Order: "Substance" (1989); New Order: "New Order Story" (the [full-length]
Canadian version) (1994); Mark Osborne's "More" (a short feature film set to "Elegia") (2000)

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