9 May 2004 COLD Setlist DJ Medusa & DJ Strange
Guest DJ Solaries

Loreena McKennitt: The Mystic's Dream
Dead Can Dance: Black Sun
Thanatos: Endless Night Inside
Claire Voyant: Pieces
Clair Obscur: I Need
New Order: Doubts Even Here
Spiral Of Silence: Maagdkanker
In The Nursery: Qui Mal
The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus: Le Monde Du Silence
Deep Red: Red
Autumn: Suffer The Wild Dogs
Orange Sector: Yugoslavian Boys
Rhea's Obsession: Between Earth And Sky
The Cocteau Twins: The Thinner The Air
Conjour One: Sleep
Bjork: Violent Happy
Wumpscut: Wreath Of Barbs
Delerium: After All
Front Line Assembly: Vanish
Peter Murphy: Subway
Enigma: Callas Went Away
Massive Attack: Teardrop
Dead Can Dance: Yulunga (Spirit Dance)
Faith And The Muse: Elyria
Siouxsie And The Banshees: The Last Beat Of My Heart (Live)
Switchblade Symphony: Night Shift
Xymox: Twisted
Joy Division: The Eternal
Die Form: The Supreme Vice
Diary Of Dreams: But The Wind Was Stronger
The Cure: Like Cockatoos
Depeche Mode: Higher Love
Decoded Feedback: Euthanasia
X Marks The Pedwalk: Desolation
Skinny Puppy: Worlock
Project Pitchfork: Renascence
Qtristan: Ecce Gratum (Club Mix)
Marc Almond: ?
Switchblade Symphony: Therapy
Butterfly Messiah: Star
Garbage: Sleep
Sarah McLachlan: Possession
Duran Duran: The Chaffeur
Sophya: Sunshine
London After Midnight: Where Good Girls Go To Die
Love Is Colder Than Death: Taliesin And Melanghel
Tapping The Vein: Butterfly
Wolfsheim: Everyone Who Casts A Shadow
Depeche Mode: Only When I Lose Myself
The Cruxshadows: Cassandra
Madonna: L?
Leaether Strip: Lullaby
Kalte Farben: Illusions
Project Pitchfork: Behind The Fog
Wumpscut: Soylent Green (German Lyrics)
Lights Of Euphoria: Dyskonnect
Das Ich: Grund Der Geele
Laibach: Die Liebe
In Strict Confidence: Kiss Your Shadow
Johnny Hollow: Bag Of Snow
Joy Division: A Means To An End
Diva Destruction: Forgotten
Deine Lakaien: Where You Are (VNV Nation Rmx)
Covenant: Figurehead
VNV Nation: Solitary
Lights Of Euphoria: True Life
Cesium 137: Atrophy
Decoded Feedback: Breathe
Fiction 8: Too Late
Depeche Mode: The Sun And The Rainfall
Talisker Tale: Alone
Clan Of Xymox: No Words
New Order: ICB
New Order: Lonesome Tonight
Joy Division: Wilderness
Bauhaus: Bela Lugosi's Dead (Live)

Visuals shown during set: Kevin Reynolds' "The Count Of Monte Cristo" (2002);
Jim Jarmusch's "Dead Man" (1996); Clive Barker's "Hellraiser" (1987)

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