12 September 2004 COLD Setlist DJ Medusa & DJ Strange

Gustav Mahler: Ich Bin Der Welt Abhanden Gekommen (sung by Janet Baker)
Mind.In.A.Box: Light & Dark
Diary Of Dreams: Babylon
Thanatos: Don't Fear The Reaper (Live)
The Rolling Stones: Paint It Black
Attrition: Dante's Kitchen
Clair Obscur: Kriegs Opera
Lycia: Drifting
Depeche Mode: Clean
Clan Of Xymox: Medusa
Gary Numan: Track 6
Covenant: 20
Front 242: Until Death Us Do Part
Skinny Puppy: Inquisition
Front Line Assembly: Mindphaser
Die Krupps: Germaniac
X Marks The Pedwalk: Sweep Hands (Timeless 8.0)
Fiction 8: Crash
Psyche: Goodbye Horses
The Bolshoi: Please
Gene Loves Jezebel: Desire (Come And Get It)
Siouxsie And The Banshees: Fear (Of The Unknown)
Love & Rockets: All In My Mind
The Sisters Of Mercy: This Corrosion
Beborn Beton: Another World (Extended Mix)
Wolfsheim: Once In A Lifetime
Lights Of Euphoria: True Life
Evils Toy: Angels Only! (Beyond)
Project Pitchfork: Lightwave
And One: Fur
In Strict Confidence: Bruder (ISC Version)
The Final Cut: Primal Understanding
Laibach: Tanz Mit Laibach
Informatik: Flesh Menagerie
The Cure: Disintegration
The Cure: It Used To Be Me
X Marks The Pedwalk: Desolation
Chris & Cosey: October Love (86 Version)
Contagion: Scratch
Full Frequency: Aggravation
Project Pitchfork: Behind The Fog
Attrition: The Ladder
Psyche: Exhale
Bauhaus: Kick In The Eye
Tones On Tail: War
The Chameleons: A Person Isn't Safe Anywhere These Days
The Merry Thoughts: Pale Empress
The 69 Eyes: Radical
The Sisters Of Mercy: Torch
Fading Colours: Colours
Printed At Bismarck's Death: Le Juif Errant
Dead Can Dance: Spirit
Boys Next Door: Shivers
Deine Lakaien: Wasted Years
Tones On Tail: Performance (7" Version)
Screams For Tina: Chrysanthemum
The Wake: Watchtower
Spiral Of Silence: Gewapende Vrede
Ikon: Echoes Of Silence
Gerard McMahon: Cry Little Sister
The Mission: Tower Of Strength
The Sisterhood: Giving Ground
Apoptygma Berzerk: Nearer
Depeche Mode: Blue Dress
Wolfsheim: For You
Covenant: Invisible & Silent
VNV Nation: Carbon

Visuals shown during set: London After Midnight: "Innocence Lost;" (1998); Karl Freund's
"The Mummy" (1932); Rob Bowman's "The X-Files (aka Fight The Future)" (1998);
Gene Loves Jezebel: "Heavenly Bodies Tour" (1993); Ang Lee's
"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (2000)

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