13 June 2003 DISCOTECA Setlist DJ Medusa & DJ Strange

All songs by Pet Shop Boys unless otherwise noted

A Red Letter Day (Trouser Autoerotic Decapitation Mix)
Boy George: The Crying Game
Tina Turner: Confidential
We All Feel Better In The Dark
This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave
To Speak Is A Sin
Electronic: The Patience Of A Saint
Home & Dry
Was That What It Was?
Try It (Iím In Love With A Married Man)
West End Girls
In The Night
What Have I Done To Deserve This?
Bet Sheís Not Your Girlfriend
Opportunities (Letís Make Lots Of Money)
Tonight Is Forever
So Hard
Where The Streets Have No Name
I Wouldnít Normally Do This Kind Of Thing
Always On My Mind
Itís A Sin
Absolutely Fabulous (7Ē)
Positive Role Model
Go West
New York City Boy
Electronic: Disappointed
Itís Alright (10Ē Version)
What Have I Done To Deserve This? (Extended Mix)
One And One Make Five
Domino Dancing
Girls & Boys (Live In Rio)
Being Boring (Marshall Jefferson 12Ē Mix)
Opportunities (Letís Make Lots Of Money) (Full Length Original 7Ē)
Somebody Elseís Business
You Only Tell Me You Love Me When Youíre Drunk (Brother Brownís Newt Mix)
Young Offender (Jam & Spoon Trip-O-Matic Fairy Tale Mix)
Sexy Northerner
The Samurai In Autumn
Always On My Mind/In My House
A Red Letter Day
Left To My Own Devices
Ono: Walking On Thin Ice (Pet Shop Boys Electro Mix)
I Donít Know What You Want But I Canít Give It Anymore
I Want A Dog
London (Genuine Piano Mix)

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