27 April 2007 LOVECATS Setlist DJ Medusa and DJ Strange

All songs by The Cure unless otherwise noted.

I Want To Be Old
How Beautiful You Are (Remix)
Hello I Love You (Rubyiat Mix)
Before Three
The Same Deep Water As You
Where The Birds Always Sing
Why Can't I Be Me?
The Funeral Party
The Caterpillar
One Hundred Years
Harold & Joe
The Glove: Looking Glass Girl
A Letter To Elise
In Your House
A Strange Day
Charlotte Sometimes
A Night Like This
Taking Off
Play For Today
A Short Term Effect
Piggy In The Mirror
Let's Go To Bed
The Upstairs Room
Just Like Heaven
The Exploding Boy
Mr. Pink Eyes
To The Sky
Hot Hot Hot!!!
Friday I'm In Love
Close To Me (Closer Mix)
Pictures Of You
Just Like Heaven
Cut Here
Let's Go To Bed
Three Imaginary Boys
A Forest (Original 12" Mix)
Boys Don't Cry
The Walk
Wrong Number
2 Late
In Between Days
Cult Hero: I Dig You
Fascination Street (Remix)
Junkie XL: Perfect Blue Sky (featuring Robert Smith)
Perfect Girl
Never Enough
Doing The Unstuck
A Strange Day
Jupiter Crash
Untitled (Live)
The End Of The World
The Hanging Garden
Seventeen Seconds (Live)
In Between Days
Junkie XL: Perfect Blue Sky (featuring Robert Smith)
From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
Spilt Milk
Why Can't I Be You?
Perfect Girl
Boys Don't Cry
Just Like Heaven
Jumping Someone Else's Train
Blank & Jones: A Forest
Junior Jack: Da Hype (featuring Robert Smith)
Lovecats (12" Remix)
10:15 Saturday Night
Birdmad Girl
Fascination Street (Extended Mix)
The Big Hand
Killing An Arab

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