15 January 2005 MIDNIGHT Setlist DJ Strange (Guest DJ)

Willy Wonka: Pure Imagination
Joy Division: Atrocity Exhibition
Siouxsie And The Banshees: Ornaments Of Gold
Louisa John-Krol: Blackbird
Dalriada: Did You Cry For Me?
Usherhouse: November Rain
Deine Lakaien: Return (Edit)
Ikon: Black Roses
Secession: Sneakyville
The Chameleons: Swamp Thing
Zero Le Crash: Last Year's Wife
The Dresden Dolls: Good Day
The 69 Eyes: Crashing High
New Model Army: Vengeance
The Sisters Of Mercy: Black Planet
The Awakening: The Dark Romantics (Single Mix)
Virgin Prunes: Baby Turns Blue
Specimen: Hex
The Cure: The End Of The World
Switchblade Symphony: Clown
Dead Can Dance: Spirit
Webb Wilder: I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)

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