12 January 2008 DXS Rapture
Guest DJ Strange

Faith & The Muse: Trauma Coil
Joy Division: Atrocity Exhibition
Death In June: Heaven Street (MK II)
Louisa John-Krol: Alice In The Garden Of Live Flowers
Deine Lakaien: Away
Faun: November
Dead Can Dance: Spirit
Ikon: Into Your Madness
Carcrash International: Darkest Days
Zadera: Venom
Zero Le Crash: Last Year's Wife
Ataraxia: The Song Of Avieros
Allegory: Memory
Lestat: ?
Diorama: Velocity
Diary Of Dreams: Chrysalis
Informatik: Flesh Menagerie
The Wake: Harlot
Athamay: High-Tec Sex
The Merry Thoughts: Pale Empress
The Sisters Of Mercy: Alice
The Ghost Of Lemora: The Ground Under Our Feet
Tones On Tail: Performance
London After Midnight: Kiss

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