4 January 2004 VAPOR Setlist DJ Medusa & DJ Strange

O.M.D.: Maid Of Orleans (The Waltz Joan Of Arc)
Ultravox: Lament (Extended Version)
The Cars: Drive
And One: Driving With My Darling
Tubeway Army: Down In The Park
D.A.F.: Ich Will
Melotron: Der Kosmonaut
Hubert Kah: Something I Should Know
Robert Marlow: The Face Of Dorian Gray
De/Vision: At Night
Rational Youth: Just A Sound In The Night
Abecedarians: Smiling Monarchs
Kiethevez: One Roman Choir (Radio Edit)
Captain Sensible: One Christmas Catalog
The Other Two: Selfish (The Single Mix)
New Order: Your Silent Face
Erasure: She Won't Be Home
Pet Shop Boys: Home And Dry
Moby: We Are All Made Of Stars
Clan Of Xymox: No Words
O.M.D.: Statues
Human League: Seconds
Ascii Disko: Cool
T.O.Y.: White Lights
Electronic: The Patience Of A Saint
Depeche Mode: Lie To Me
Martin L. Gore: Compulsion
And One: Speicherbar
Wolfsheim: Kunstliche Welten
Deine Lakaien: Generators
Camouflage: Me And You
Peter Murphy: Final Solution
Cosmicity: Alone (Ice Liebe Deutschland Mix)
Visage: Der Amboss
Apoptygma Berzerk: Mourn
Human League: All I Ever Wanted
Client: Price Of Love
Ascii Disko: Strassen
A Spell Inside: Out Of Control
Covenant: We Stand Alone
Kate Bush: Running Up That Hill
Droom: Slowdance
Depeche Mode: Useless
Cosmicity: Your Beautiful Lie (David's Groove 100 Mix)
De/Vision: Moments We Shared
Pet Shop Boys: King's Cross
Clan Of Xymox: Twisted
Gary Numan: The Seed Of A Lie
O.M.D.: Souvenir
Soft Cell: Last Chance
Anything Box: Every Single Day
And One: Fur
Wolfsheim: Touch
Covenant: Go Film
Ganymede: City Dweller
Neuroactive: Space Divider (Video Mix)
Beborn Beton: Another World (Extended Remix)
Cetu Javu: A Donde (Razormaid)
Elektric Music: T.V.
Alphaville: Forever Young
The Assembly: Never Never (12")
Real Life: Always

Visuals shown during set: Ridley Scott's "Bladerunner" (1981); Steven
Spielberg's "Minority Report," (2002); Wolfsheim's "Concert" (1999)
An unofficial Philip K. Dick night

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