6 June 2003 WHITE Setlist DJ Medusa & DJ Strange

Ultravox: Rage In Eden
Faith Assembly: Red Ambition
Wolfsheim: Everyone Who Casts A Shadow
Depeche Mode: The Things You Said
Recoil: Edge To Life
Wolfsheim: Touch
Cosmicity: Your Beautiful Lie
Depeche Mode: Only When I Lose Myself
Xymox: Imagination
Red Flag: Give Me Your Hand
Iris: The Way I Live My Life
Hubert Kah: So Many People

DJ STRANGE'S set should go here, but it's been lost!

Soft Cell: The Night
Fosca: It's Going To End In Tears (All I Know)
Vive La Fete: Nuit Blanche
Mind Confusion: Vivre Sur Video
New Order: Here To Stay
Echoing Green: Ceremony
Echo Image: Skulk
Apoptygma Berzerk: Suffer In Silence
Apoptygma Berzerk: Until The End Of The World
Iris: Annie, Would I Lie To You?
Pet Shop Boys: Positive Role Model
Floating Point: The Way You Feel (BMR Dance Mix)
VNV Nation: Dark Angel
Steril: I Get Closer (Radio Edit)
Seabound: Hooked (Radical Version)
Covenant: Leviathan
Cleen: Freezeout
Secession: Touch
Belouis Some: Animal Magic (12")

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